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Rewrite Recharge Refresh Reinvigorate Recharge your life in eight weeks

The Brilliant Rebels Experience is an eight week mentorship program with a four night VIP retreat designed to help you step into your next phase in life. We provide you with the immersive experiences, community, and mentorship needed for you to find your path.

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Ever feel like you were meant for bigger things?

Going out “on your own” or forging a new path that is authentically yours doesn’t have to mean that you’re going it alone.

Taking the leap or turning the page (or however you want to think of it) requires no small amount of courage. Because for years, or possibly your whole life, you’ve probably been subjected to the world telling you what you should and should not do.

What you need to do.

What a normal person would do.

But Brilliant Rebels aren’t normal. They don’t follow—they lead. They don’t succumb to the pressures of their colleagues and society—they break away and build something incredible.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy, though. The voices in your head can be endlessly taunting:

(oh, and our favorite, the coup de grâce…)

Self-doubt comes in many forms: imposter syndrome, past trauma, money scarcity… the list goes on. That’s the bad news.

The good news is this: it happens to everyone, and it gets a hell of a lot easier when you tackle it together.

Brilliant Rebels are people who decide to take the leap despite the voices (what we call the “Itty Bitty Shitty Committee”) telling them they can’t. 

Brilliant Rebels see a vision and hold each other accountable to seeing it through, no matter what.

The Brilliant Rebels Experience is designed to surround you with trusted guides and other Rebels who are pursuing their next big steps in their lives.

We’ll surround you with love (both the squishy kind and the tough kind), equip you with new tools, and allow you to take the leap in a safe environment. 

You get to test out your new identity, trial your new business idea, and create space for the new “you” – the one begging to break through.

Curious to learn more?


Let’s get you introduced to the leader of the Brilliant Rebellion…


I'm Melanie, the leader of The Brilliant Rebellion

My path might sound similar to the one you’re walking now. I spent years in a career of my own making—only to arrive at the crushing realization that, after all of that work, I still wasn’t happy.

So I went on this rebellion of sorts. At least that’s what it felt like. I was ducking tradition, breaking boundaries, and cutting my hair all in order to feel like I was living a life that was my own.

In the years that followed, my work has taken me across the world to help other Brilliant Rebels, like myself, who are committed to living their own rebellion, those who are on a path toward finding a deeper sense of fulfillment and passion.

Over the years, I have designed, honed and perfected The Brilliant Rebels Experience to give you what your soul, body and mind need to step into a more powerful, abundant and aligned life: the life you were meant to live.

Ready to spark your rebellion? Keep reading—these are your first steps.

"She told me I was a badass and reminded me how powerful I was."


Every rebellion begins with a spark

Brilliant Rebel Starting A Business

are you…

Starting a new business?

Whew! Entrepreneurship can be a tough road, especially if it’s your first time. You’ve gotta have some wind in your sails or nothing moves. When you become a Brilliant Rebel, you’re equipped to start that business with grace, power, and ease.

Brilliant Rebel On The Leadership Path

are you…

Stuck in your leadership path?

Our Crew, and even other Rebels, have loads of tools to pull you out of the rut so you can start pushing your team and organization forward again. We know you have the know-how—this is about getting your mind on the right track and ready to move mountains.

Brilliant Rebel Postponing Retirement

are you…

Not ready to retire?

Brilliant Rebels never retire. They pursue their ikigai, a Japanese concept that roughlytranslates to your “reason for living.” To find your ikigai is to find true happiness and purpose. Brilliant Rebels who have found their ikigai enjoy the pleasure and ease of knowing exactly what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

Brilliant Rebel Ready To Be Seen

are you…

Ready to be seen?

You’re ready to play big! You’ve got the experience, the connections, and the resources. Now you just need one more thing: the confidence. Being a Brilliant Rebel means you can step onto any stage, speak into any microphone, and sit in front of any camera to share your message with the world.

Brilliant Rebel Out of Options

are you…

Just simply out of options?

Take a breath, baby! Sometimes life throws you way too many gosh-darn lemons. In these moments, our Crew and Rebels will invite you to look inward. When you become a Brilliant Rebel, you come to know yourself so well that you clearly see the exact next step you need to take.

What's your spark?

Although the options above are not exhaustive, they do represent the majority of scenes unfolding in the lives of aspiring Brilliant Rebels. But it doesn’t have to be one of them. What matters is that you have a spark—a reason to build your rebellion: your ultimate, most authentic life.

Turn your spark into a Brilliant Rebellion

The Brilliant Rebels Experience is designed to nurture your body, energize your spirit, and relax your mind so you can finally get to the core of who you are and what you want. Let’s walk through the experience together to see how we do it.

When you get started

1-on-1 Rebel Kickoff Call

What do you really want? What are you chasing? In short, what is your rebellion? 

As soon as you sign up, you’ll jump on a 1-on-1 call with  the leader of The Brilliant Rebellion, Melanie Spring, to get clear on your goals, identify any blocks that have been getting in your way, and set your priorities for your Brilliant Rebels Experience. She’ll give you a custom blend of resources and mentorship that can help you find your path to freedom.

4 Weeks of Live Rebel Community Calls

As they say, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  

In the four weeks leading up to your in-person VIP retreat, you’ll join a series of weekly Rebel Community Calls. You’ll have a safe space to pursue the plan from your Rebel Kickoff Call with Melanie, receive accountability from other Rebels, and meet your fellow retreat attendees prior to your time together in person.

When You Get To The VIP Retreat

Arrive, Be Pampered, and Spread Out With Your Own Room & Space To Roam

When you arrive, you’ll be brought to your own bedroom with a plush, luxurious bed and plenty of space to spread out and relax. Every Brilliant Rebels Experience is hosted in a luxurious venue with lots of room to relax and plenty of creature comforts. 

Deep Alignment Session

Getting clear on your goals and your path is one of the main priorities of the Brilliant Rebels Experience. To accomplish this, we’ve built into your agenda a 1-on-1 Deep Alignment Session with Melanie. 

In this sit-down over coffee or tea, Melanie will guide you through a targeted discussion that will reveal clues to your true path, as well as areas of re-alignment that are necessary to build the life you desire.

Hands-On Strategic Guidance

Once you’ve gained clarity on your path and received your Deep Alignment Session with Melanie, it will be time to start building a plan. This is where it gets fun!

After your session with Melanie will be a sit-down with Dan (who you’ll meet later on this page) to discuss your new insights, ideas, and visions that you’ve cultivated for your new life. Together, you’ll dive into building a detailed plan that will help you get started on your new path with confidence and, just as importantly, ease.

Empowering Rebel Sessions

Your experience with the other Rebels is paramount to contouring the right mindset and attitude toward the new life you’re building. 

That’s why we incorporate grounding exercises, group inspiration sessions, cutting-edge healing work, and even fun excursions to help you connect with yourself and your new fellow Rebels.

Gourmet Meals & 24/7 Snacks

Breaking bread together is one of our favorite parts of the retreat experience. 

We bring in our favorite private chefs from around the world to create stunning, delicious meals, crafty cocktails and mocktails, charcuterie boards, and nonstop healthy snacks. We make sure your body is nourished and loved.

Integrate & Relax On Your Terms

What’s the point of living your dream if you’re always “on?” We structure the retreat to include plenty of downtime, from breaks to spa treatments to surprise excursions. 

These quiet interludes help loosen up your mind and body while you integrate everything you’re learning. That way, you can feel rejuvenated when you return to your sessions and energized as you go back home.

After The VIP Retreat

4 More Weeks Of Live Rebel Community Calls

After your in-person VIP retreat, you’ll have a whole new set of insights, tools, and ideas to implement. 

In the four weeks that follow the retreat, you’ll be brought back into your Rebel Community Calls to discuss progress on your goals, receive feedback from Melanie, Dan, and the other Rebels, and ensure the momentum you built at the event is maintained. 

By the time the Brilliant Rebels Experience is over, you’ll be more connected to yourself than ever with a loyal and supportive community by your side on your way to building a more authentic and fulfilling life.


"Holy shit... I did it!"

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You did the therapy
You drank the green juice
something's still missing

We know you’ve read the self-help books, done the yoga, and went to the motivational talks. You’re ready for “next level brilliance,” but something is still standing in your way and you can’t quite figure it out. That barrier is the same threshold that separates Brilliant Rebels from the rest of humanity.

The path to becoming a Brilliant Rebel begins with a single step: looking in the mirror.

This isn’t woo-woo. It’s the deepest, most serious work you can do with yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting a business, deepening a relationship, or overcoming trauma. The ability to look at yourself with honesty (and bravery) is what separates Brilliant Rebels from everyone else.
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Meet one of your guides

I'm Dan, and I'm here to help turn all of that creativity and vision into a practical, workable plan

My rebellion started at age 23 when I started my first business. I was young, broke, and had enough smarts to build a business—one that I eventually learned to resent after a decade of growth.

Through my own personal growth work over the years that followed, I found my path. I finally learned what it feels like to have a purpose and be successful in pursuing it—and I want that for you, too.

At The Brilliant Rebels Experience, I’m in your back pocket. Whether you are starting fresh, taking a leap, or climbing the ladder, you need a plan. That’s where I come in. 

As Melanie works with you to dream big, take the leap, and build your vision, I’ll be right by your side to guide you through the “what now?” stage and build a strategy to implement the insights and breakthrough you gain throughout this experience.

A letter from Dr. Linda Hodges

In 2019, I signed up to work with Melanie with a specific goal to improve my speaking skills. At that time, I had a lot of things in the works. Then came the pandemic and much of my life was put on hold so I could go back to work full time in the hospital. Building a side business no longer seemed important – even more, it no longer seemed possible.

My magic was gone. All the ideas, inspirations, “what ifs”…I could no longer feel them, feel their wonder. The ideas that popped in my head and made my whole body vibrate were just gone. That woman with PLANS in 2019 no longer existed and I couldn’t find her anywhere.

Fast forward to Spring 2023 and the Brilliant Rebels retreat popped up on my radar. I still had not reclaimed my creative spark – my “extra” – despite desperately searching for it the past three years.

My biggest hesitation about the retreat was the fact that I wasn’t working on anything specific. I was working a regular job. But, the retreat website says “When you become a Brilliant Rebel, you come to know yourself well enough to get clarity on the exact next step you need to take.” And THAT’s what I needed. I missed wanting more, missed working towards MORE. Truthfully, I was at the point where I didn’t even know what was possible for me anymore.

I simply needed to see if big ideas and dreams still existed within me.

The Brilliant Rebels retreat was transformative for me in more ways than I can begin to describe. In those four days, Melanie guided me through a journey that resulted in a long-awaited rediscovery of the part of me I’d thought I’d lost. Through exercises, both fun and heartbreaking, I crashed through countless self-inflicted limitations that existed within my own mind and heart.

The sequence of activities throughout the retreat is genius. One moment, I would be experiencing a major emotional breakthrough – the next, I was performing a mini-talk in front of the group on a random topic and finishing with a confidence I had no idea existed within me. WHO IS THIS PERSON? WHERE HAS SHE BEEN?

As for the other people at the retreat – I cannot imagine a more perfectly selected group of humans to come together for four days under one roof. I honestly felt as if each person was hand-picked just for me – to meet a need I didn’t even know I had, whether it be a calming voice or hearing a story that happened to inspire me at just the right moment. 

Nine established and successful people, all with their own reasons to attend the retreat – became united in growth, self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-discovery for the sole purpose of wanting more for themselves. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of that – to continue to be a part of that.

I went into the Brilliant Rebels retreat with a sadness over losing myself and skepticism that a remedy did not exist for it. I left the Brilliant Rebels retreat with a new-found hope of what is possible – and the answer is ME…. I AM POSSIBLE.

– Dr. Linda Hodges

Looking in the mirror can be utterly terrifying

(But it doesn’t have to be)

“Mirror Moments” are instances in which we’re shown something new about ourselves that we never saw before. They’re almost always unexpected and they come in many forms. 

Some Mirror Moments take the form of pain or trauma, such as a painful breakup. Other Mirror Moments come in the form of love and support, such as the trusted hand of a friend.

The Brilliant Rebels Experience is built around crafting Mirror Moments, just for you, which are rooted in love and support. Through your own Mirror Moments at the retreat, you’ll come to learn more about yourself than you ever have—and you’ll leave feeling motivated, refreshed and clear on what you need to do.

Program Details


The Brilliant Rebels Experience is comprised of two parts: an 8-week period of Rebel Community Calls and a 4-night in-person retreat.

Rebel Community Calls

Not one rebellion was created in a single day. That’s why we have a carefully planned eight-week curriculum that prepares you for the VIP Retreat and helps you integrate what you take away from our time together in person.

Over the course of 8 weekly Rebel Community calls, you will:

By the time your first four Rebel Community Calls are over and you’re at the in-person retreat, you’ll be fully immersed in love, support and care. This luxurious, intimate retreat is customized to your goals, your style, and your needs. It’s a safe space to practice being your new self in the real world.

In-Person VIP Retreat

Once your first four weeks of Rebel Community Calls are complete, you’ll join us for the in-person VIP Retreat. Over the course of four nights & three days, you’ll be brought through:

This is a highly-curated event with a small group of other Rebels like yourself. It’s designed as a safe space for you to practice implementing what you’ve discovered over the prior four weeks.

Every Brilliant Rebels Experience is carefully planned and customized to each Rebel’s needs. Yep, that means special surprises, and it also means you can rest assured you’ll be totally taken care of, from dietary restrictions to private transportation.

Example VIP Retreat Agenda

Every VIP Retreat is different. From our location to our excursions to our little surprises, each detail is customized to our Rebels, their needs, and the collective theme that naturally arises from the group. That being said, we know it’s helpful to have an idea of what might be in store for you! Here is an example of a VIP Retreat agenda from a previous Brilliant Rebels Experience.


DAY three

DAY four

Unwind In Style

All housing & food are included along with private transportation to and from the airport.

Your retreat will be hosted at a mountain mansion with all the amenities you’ll need, including the full-time support of our on-site Crew. You’ll have room and time to unwind, relax, and most importantly, grow!


To Be Announced


A letter from Kim Gilbert

I signed up for the Brilliant Rebels retreat because I had been following Melanie on social media for years and her words resonated with me.

I’ve known Melanie for years and have watched her transform her business and herself. She becomes more vibrant, energetic and…somehow, younger every year. I love her confidence and her sass, and I wanted to know her better.

I read about the retreat and, despite my interest, I didn’t think it was the right thing for me because it appeared to be for badass, C-level type people that were looking for coaching on how to take their grand ideas to the next level. I didn’t have a plan, and I couldn’t articulate what I was looking for, I just felt stuck. 

I initially chalked it up to a mid-life crisis – I had no reason to feel like my life was in a rut. I have a good job, great friends, a loving family. I’ve been fortunate to travel and have had memorable adventures. It felt selfish to want more. But I felt an internal pressure – a voice inside that said I should pay it back, contribute something positive, make an impact. I didn’t feel I was growing – personally, professionally, spiritually, physically. I’d been complacent and I felt my life was getting… small.

I scheduled a call with Melanie to ask about the retreat because my intuition told me it would be transformative. I signed up for the retreat because I trusted Melanie’s guidance – she’s done the same hard work to become the amazing person she is. I gave myself permission to invest in myself, understanding that I couldn’t show up for the people in my life if I didn’t push myself to be a better human.

I met the rest of the Rebels on a call and was … intimidated. These were 8 incredibly bright, successful, creative and passionate people who had already made their marks and were moving toward their next level.. They were entering new phases with their careers, looking for a connection, and guidance on how to overcome obstacles.. I didn’t know what my path was, didn’t have a business plan or even a list of goals. I didn’t know what I could offer this group. I was uncomfortable despite their warmth and interest in hearing my story. My plan was to stay in the background and absorb – learn from this talented super-group and go home with some knowledge on how others used their gifts.

I don’t know how to explain the retreat. It felt like it was tailored to me (and part of me wants to keep it private) but it lit a fire within me that I want to keep alive. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, taught me how to face my demons and fears in a loving and trusting environment, and provided me tools to continue a journey of self improvement. I learned the art of letting go and of being present. It was a subtle shift, but people in my circle noticed the change.

This was my take-away… do things that push your limits and make you uncomfortable. I’ve learned so much from the retreat, the follow up calls and all the other bonus surprises Melanie and Dan planned. I also have an incredible support group who I know will be life-long friends. I’m so grateful for the experience and am a huge advocate of Melanie and her work. I highly recommend signing up for any of her retreats.”

-Kim Gilbert

Learn To



When’s the last time you really rested?

Like—really, truly rested?

It’s become commonplace for business events to self-label as “retreats” when, in actuality, they can drain you more than working from your home or office.

The Brilliant Rebels Experience is meticulously crafted and consciously designed to restore your spirit, empower your body, and secure your mind. We’re not here to stuff information down your throat. We’re here to help your true self burst into the world.

We're here to make you whole again.

Get Started By Telling Us You’re Interested

Are you ready to spark your own Rebellion? Click below to show us you’re interested.


The Rebel Crew

Hi! We’re the team that stands beside our Brilliant Rebels—because we’re Rebels ourselves. 

Our team is chock full of experience in guiding people just like you through the tough and mysterious chapters of your life. Together, we hold over 75 years of experience in personal growth, therapy, branding, marketing & sales, business strategy, and, if desired, even energy healing and plant medicine.

Our mission, as a team, is to guide you on a magical, beautiful journey toward discovering your own brilliance and stepping into your best life. We know how to help you do it—we’ve done it for ourselves, and we can help you do it, too.


Melanie, Dan, and Glenda

Melanie Spring

Leader of the Brilliant Rebellion

Before assuming the role of your Fairy Guidemother, Melanie Spring dedicated two decades to assisting Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and CEOs of renowned household brands in crafting their personal and professional brand strategies. Today, as the visionary leader of The Brilliant Rebellion, Melanie guides Rebels to shed their limiting beliefs and embrace their true selves, all while equipping them with the tools to construct meaningful businesses and careers.

Fusing the art of personal development with ancient healing practices, as well as incorporating expertise in public speaking and business strategy, Melanie and her dedicated team curate enchanting experiences centered around abundance, manifestation and personal growth. These transformative encounters empower individuals to step boldly into their own radiance.

Glenda Rossi

Experience Architect

Excited is an understatement on how Glenda feels to be part of The Brilliant Rebellion Crew. She met Melanie years ago while planning events for a high-level entrepreneur group (the one at which Melanie met her husband, Dan) and the stars aligned when Glenda was ready for her next adventure. 

Glenda started Good Witch Events in April 2022 and Melanie immediately reached out and said, “I NEED Glenda!” To say you need a Glenda is a thing. Her attention to detail, her caring heart and her ninja skills behind the scenes helps to create magical events. She is ready to PLAY with the Brilliant Rebels and will break the mold to create experiences of a lifetime. 

Glenda lives in New York with her entrepreneurial husband and two young daughters.  She has traveled all over the world and has even danced with penguins in Antarctica (more proof she’s as magical as we say.) 

Dan Russell

Brilliant Rebel Guide

Dan is a successful entrepreneur, published author, and seasoned marketing expert. He spent nine years building a neuromarketing agency, eventually coming to realize that he had built a job for himself doing something he was good at—but didn’t really love. 

His real passion is for personal development, spiritual growth, and growing conscious communities. So, with the support of his wife, Melanie, he set out to build Hama, a new kind of personal growth company with a vision to create a global network of in-person, conscious social clubs. 

With Dan as your Rebel Guide at the Brilliant Rebels Experience, you’ll have the benefit of his experience and skills to build a clear strategy to build the life, career or business that is aligned with you. 

Dan lives in Vero Beach, Florida, with his wife, Melanie Spring and their little white Maltese, Griffin.

Got Questions?

Let’s see if we can help

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Email the Crew at

This experience is for leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and people that desire change. They are committed not only to feeling more motivated, but also to making the necessary changes to their lives in order to pursue what makes them happy and fulfilled. That’s what it means to be a Brilliant Rebel.

Yes. The VIP Retreat is a critical experience, nestled in the middle of the program for a reason. The in-person time allows you to dive deeper into important topics, and experience up-close support from your fellow Rebels, while having another four weeks of integration time to receive support and guidance.

  • One kickoff call with Melanie Spring
  • 8 weeks of Rebel Community Calls
  • 4-night 3-day all-inclusive in-person retreat
  • All lodging, transportation (except flight), food, coaching, and activities
  • One-on-one time with Melanie, Dan & Crew
  • Access to the One Moksha Network online community
  • Brilliant Rebels swag

Some have just quit their jobs, some start a business, others build programs, while still others become better leaders. Your goals can be around speaking, personal branding, business branding, leadership, and making significant life changes. Everyone receives something different, yet we’ve found that each retreat always attracts the right people to work on similar things. 

If you are at a point in your life where time is your most valuable resource, where you are not satisfied with the status quo of your work, your relationships or your overall life, and you are ready (and willing) to take a look in the mirror and accept guidance from those who have taken that same look in the mirror, and walked the same path that is before you now, then you are ready for the Brilliant Rebels Experience.

Then the Brilliant Rebels Experience will be perfect for you. Our mentorship is focused on helping you become the person you want to be—whatever that may entail. You may not know exactly what you want yet, and that’s okay. We’ll help you find out what it is!